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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dillon Dancing & Waving

(Sorry for the sideways video, I didn't know how to fix it) Dillon was looking so cute last weekend in her new skinny jeans that grandma Lori & auntie Randie sent her. She is getting so big so fast! Everyday she does something new. She is so good at waving and a little bit of dancing. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up.


shelby said...

Love it. She is gorgeous!

taisjalee8@msn.com said...

I love her and her jeans! She is going to be a heart breaker:)

Allie, Tony, A.J., Adeline Wiseman said...

She is such a doll-can't wait to see you all in Sept.


Hollie Katina said...

Oh my gosh Billie she is so adorable! So, so cute. Those skinny jeans really are to die for haha!

Little Olivia will be arriving soon! Only 8 weeks left for us!

Hope all is going well for you. Keep in touch.

Cousin Hollie