"To love would be an awfully big adventure."— J.M. Barrie

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dillon Dancing & Waving

(Sorry for the sideways video, I didn't know how to fix it) Dillon was looking so cute last weekend in her new skinny jeans that grandma Lori & auntie Randie sent her. She is getting so big so fast! Everyday she does something new. She is so good at waving and a little bit of dancing. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Other Moments with Dillon

We have had so many wonderful moments with Dillon. I was so behind in blogging that I could never catch up. So I made a slideshow of pictures and some captions of moments we shared. It is on the side panel of our blog. I hope you enjoy...

First Basketball game

We really missed Pop Pop when Dillon was born but by some luck Tech got to play the University of Iowa. It was really great for Dillon to get to spend some time with her pop pop and see him in action. She surprised us all by doing great at her very first basketball game. She even dressed the part.

Dillon's Room

Lot's of people have asked me to post pictures of Dillon's room. It was so much fun decorating this little girls room. It is so colorful and fun. I don't really love too much pink so I went with lot's of colors. The best thing of all, Dillon loves it! She just smiles and looks around at all of the bold colors.

Dillon's closet - She already has a lot of clothes (already like her mommy)

Changing Table - I love the grey & white dots

I have always wanted a giant giraffe in a baby room

We love her crib and the bedding - it is really fun with the grey and white stripped flat sheet

We couldn't paint since we are renting so we put up this giant sticker
(It was so much work when I was 9 months pregnant but well worth it)

Mobile - I would have never guessed how much she would love this

We just could not find the perfect dresser so we just got a plain white one and replaced the knobs with beautiful yellow flowers from anthropologie. We also couldn't find anything to put on the wall over her dresser. I am so happy we waited. After Dillon's first photo shoot, we got this beautiful canvas picture of her in her daddy's arms. Nothing else could have been more perfect.
The first girly thing we bought when we found out she was a girl

For someone who can't read yet she already has tons of books. I also love the two hand puppets on top. They are made from old sweaters. I love this company!

And here is the whole picture. Dillon loves to lay on her comfy rug and to look at the beautiful curtains grandma Lori made for her.

I wasn't sure at first if it would all come together but I really think it did in the end. Once she came we realized that it totally fit her personality. I cannot wait to see her to continue to grow up in here.

Dillon Rolling Over

Our little girl is so strong. She started lifting and holding her head when she was only days old. Now at two months she is rolling over. She grows each day, I wake up every morning in amazement of her. Watch out world, here comes our Dilly Bear!

Dillon Loving Bath Time

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas with Eric's family this year in Phoenix Arizona. It was an extra special Christmas since it was Dillon's first. We started a few of our own traditions like buying her an ornament and mom and Dillon got Christmas jammies (Dad was too much of a Scrooge). We really had so much fun spending time with all of Eric's family. Dillon also got to hang out with all of her cute cousins.

After Christmas we headed over to Utah so Dillon could meet some more of Mom's family and friends. And of course she met even more cousins. She is such a loved little girl. Here are some pictures from our holiday adventures.

Christmas Day

Cousin Genesis

Cousin PJ

Cousin Lexi

Cousin Kaia

Mom and Dillon in Christmas Jammies

Dillon and Grandma Maxine

Dad, Auntie Jay, Dillon, and Cousin Genesis

Dillon and BJ

Dillon and Allen

Mom, Dillon, and Caitlin

Trip to Utah

Dillon and Great Grandma June

Auntie Randie, Cousin AJ, and Cousin Bellah

Dillon and Cousin Griff

Betty and Dillon

Dillon wearing hat Taisja made her